come sledding with me

I was having dinner last night with my friend Melinda and talking about the upcoming snowstorm scheduled to hit today. I was excited to have one more chance to go sledding and she said I ought to take a video of my sledding so that you all could enjoy it with me.

So I did.

Lucy, Ginger and I invite you to come on an adventure with us…please note, I have no steering capabilities nor do I have anything resembling a brake…just me, the inner tube, the snow, the hill and whatever happens, happens…

Are you ready???

13 thoughts on “come sledding with me

  1. That was so much fun! I love how you tell us what to avoid before you head off and how you sit and enjoy the scenery once you’re there. And the dogs are, as always, fantastic. I’m going to tweet this one out!

  2. That was great fun! This was an amazing ‘talking blog’ and you live in a beautiful part of the world and clearly take full advantage of it. When you pull together your statue garden you can tube in and out of the art!

    1. Somehow I think I might avoid the art, as it is made of rusting metal and running into it would be worse than running into a peach tree. However, it might be at the bottom waiting for me at the end of the run!!! Glad you liked the video.

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