sledding day two

The sun is shining

the sky is a brilliant blue

bluer than blue

the dogs are happy and

I am on my inner tube ready to go

inner tube

Come join me for a second time

no commentary,

no screams,

just a quiet ride

and a branch

or two.

For some reason, WordPress is not giving me a picture for this video so click on the picture of the inner tube and you will go to the youtube video…

In case you missed yesterday’s post, it snowed a lot yesterday. Sledding is so much fun here on my farm I can’t resist a few runs, especially when the sky is so blue. It really is awesome snow for sledding today. I thought you would like to join me today on a quieter ride…of course I still don’t have control over the inner tube…and I ended up in the glen instead of by the apple trees.

4 thoughts on “sledding day two

  1. A peaceful ride and you could even hear the birdsong. The brilliant blue sky through the snowy branches was lovely – like being there. what kind of camera did you use? Was it on your head?

    1. Believe it or not, I held an iPhone in my hand. I am really amazed at how well the video came out. It was peaceful and the birds keep telling me that spring is just around the corner…they have lots to do and time’s a-wasting.

  2. While I agree that the iPhone cameras are amazing so are you. You held on to the tube with one hand and held the camera steady with the other…must be the strength you get from that welding😃

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