The fog outside

matches that

in my brain.

It is a day

when clarity is


and one long nap

seems imperative.

A day to

hear the phone ring

in the distance

and pull the covers

over my head

to block out

the sound.

A day to

wear the wrong shoes

and tromp in the snow

to take pictures

of the hopes

and tears

of spring.

through the fog
through the fog
barely there
barely there
in the rain
in the rain
a glimpse of colors to come
a glimpse of colors to come

5 thoughts on “fog

  1. What a gorgeous witch hazel! Any idea which one it is? Love. Love. Love the color!

    Hope the fog has lifted today…in more ways than one…😉

  2. Thanks! If I had to guess I would say it is the “Diane” version of the witch hazel but don’t hold me to that. I will take more pictures when it is in full bloom. As far as the fog, it is gone from the outside, the jury is still out about the inside fog… 🙂

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