night and day

The moon

carves out shadows

in the snow

then replaces them

so the sun

can do the same thing.


The other night I was standing in the window looking out onto the newly fallen snow in the moonlight. I thought I would try to take a picture of it which didn’t work out so great but at least you get the idea. The next morning, a beautiful sunny morning, I stood at the same window when the sun was in a similar position. Sometimes life just seems too cool not to notice it and take pictures of it.

5 thoughts on “night and day

  1. Totally agree sweets totally agree 🙂 just been out late afternoon..the ground dry and dusty a storm brewing and a big rumble in the bushes…the roos heard me and took off..i came to the crest of the property and they were just watching down I went on my sore knee and took some shots..funny some just go and cover the distance to the next property in no time…the other just watch me or keep grazing…but eventually I get to close for them and off they flew..a big mob too graceful and elegant..all that day made..indeed sometimes we just have to capture that smile moment 🙂 loves Bevxx

    1. My husband grumbles at me because sometimes that moment hits just when we are making dinner or getting the laundry together…but really, what is life about anyway? Glad you caught the roos…

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