The second flowers

The little yellow flowers

push their way through

the pile of

ground up

autumn leaves

that were spread

over the garden

when it was put to sleep

a mere five months ago

and whisper,

the time has come

to begin

the fun.

Unfurl the petals

and soak up

the sun.

Then they sigh with pleasure,

Spring is here

it really is.


Of course the crocuses are going to have to take one more little rest, it is supposed to snow on Friday. But I’m okay with that because crocuses don’t lie. Spring is here and I am enjoying finding all the little hints of growth and renewal.

Oh, and the reason I called this post the second flowers is because the witch hazel bloomed first.

8 thoughts on “The second flowers

    1. I think you are probably one to two weeks behind us…look for them next week! And thanks for your comment about the verse…the little rhyming thing just happened…I love when that happens!

  1. My witch hazel is in bloom as are my snow drops but I’m eagerly awaiting everything else (although it snowed 4 inches yesterday so I’ll have to wait until that melts to see what’s happening).

    So, to answer your question. I haven’t been in the city in a few weeks but I heard good things about the Klimt exhibit at the MoMA (I’m assuming you’ve been to NYC a lot so don’t need the usual basic recommendations, but let me know). There’s a lovely cafe/restaurant on the 5th Floor of the MoMA and then you can look at the permanent collection on the same floor which is always great.

    If you’ve never been to the Morgan Library, you should go there. Make sure you visit the actual library itself (when you enter, it will be in the way back, on the right). It was Morgan’s study and personal library and quite something. Plus, they always change what books they put on display. The cafe is also quite nice (not the restaurant which is stuffy, but the cafe which opens into the main lobby).

    That’s all I can think of right now. Let me know if you want any restaurant names, etc. Hope you have a great time!

    1. I tried waving my wand this morning but it must be on the fritz because the snow is still there. However, it is slowly going away so I should be able to work in the garden more next week.
      thanks for the ideas. I have been to the Morgan but might go again to see what new goodies are on display. The Klimt sounds interesting as well. I am going to mostly in the southern part of the island, down near Chelsea, I haven’t been there in decades and am looking forward to visiting galleries etc. I plan to have a lovely, relaxed time!

      1. Wonderful! I’m sure it’s on your list, but I always love going to the Gagosian Gallery as they often curate their exhibits well. And give yourself time to walk the Highline as well!

        1. I have never gone to that gallery. It looks fascinating! And I am definitely going to walk the Highline at some point, maybe not this visit though. We’ll see how much time I have.

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