natural styrofoam

It is wrapped around a branch

of the cedar tree,

this nondescript piece of

brown styrofoam,

and yet I am thrilled

to see it

and several others


for it is


advanced notice

that the place

will be


with praying mantises

this summer.

What's going on in there???
What’s going on in there???

We have a lot to learn about the strength of styrofoam from praying mantises…these suckers are so strong you can barely pull them apart. The babies that hatch are really teeny. Check out this video of them hatching.

I’m glad that there are so many of the eggs around, it is easy to squish the little guys when they are young because it is so hard to see them. There is something mystical about them, despite the fact that they are really carnivores and are quite violent with their prey.

8 thoughts on “natural styrofoam

  1. Wow! i hope in my lifetime I get to see the egg mass hatching. Call me if it ever is happening in your garden in front of your eyes.

    1. I only learned that these were the nest a couple of years ago…but now I love to see them! I’m glad you had a months on your window, it means that you fewer bugs around…

  2. Praying mantis are great for pest control, they are avid carnivores, even eating each other at the end of the season. I have seen lots of them when they are very small, then they disappear for a while until they get quite big and easily seen. I love them.

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