a bit of whine

Today’s post is brought to you by the color yellow.


Ever have those moments in life where everything gets torn apart all at once and your job is to put it back together as best you can? I would imagine that my friends in Christchurch still feel that way years after the earthquake. Fortunately, my experience isn’t quite as life consuming as that was. But I still am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The geo-thermal system is installed but the remains of the destruction to our lawn is still evident. The timing was such that I was able to get the landscape company in to fix the walkway that was dug up but the lawn is still a mess. It may take a while to find someone to fix it. Unfortunately, it means the dogs are tracking in a bit more mud and dirt than usual.

still dug up
Fixed walkway and crazy lawn

Speaking of which, at the same time as the geo thermal and the hardscaping was going on, I had a couple of young dudes spread mulch in the gardens. I realize I may be a bit early on this but, again, the timing worked out this way. Of course yesterday, our dog Ginger had found something nasty to roll in. She was given a bath and sent back outside (not by me) and the next time we saw here, she looked like this.

can I come in?
can I come in?
aren't I pretty?
aren’t I pretty?

Yup, she had a good rinse, outside this time, and then was relegated to the indoors until she dried a little bit more.

Ginger was already in the doghouse even before this adventure. The hardscape dudes were fixing our front walkway as well, taking out old concrete, putting in new and adding a step (I told you it’s been chaotic around here). Ginger decided that when no one was looking she would check out the new concrete…before it had fully set. I was not here but I heard that Ginger was canine non grata for several hours.

paw prints
yup, Ginger paw prints

So, as if that weren’t enough, the giraffe got its new base of stones to stand on. I think he looks really good now and Mr. R is thrilled not to have to mow under him this summer. Now I just have to finish fixing him. (the giraffe, not my husband.)

on the rocks

So that’s what is going on around our house. Changes in heating, changes in landscape and stupid dogs. Along with all of this, I got my third invisalign plates, attachments AND rubber bands (ugh). I feel like a grumpy nine year old. My teeth are lumpy and they hurt.

The good news is that I got to spend time with kangaroos (yes, real ones) this week. I promise the next post will be much less whining and full of fun pix of kangaroos and other cool animals.

4 thoughts on “a bit of whine

  1. Tough times! But ye may yet come to love the memories of Ginger invoked by his foot prints! (“Perfection is finality, finality is death, nothing is perfect. There are lumps in the stirabout”. from The Crock of Gold, by James Stephens.).

  2. But what’s a dog to do when so many exciting things are going on? A dog has to be part of the action, or life is no fun at all. Will you have to re seed the lawn?

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