see the beauty?
see the beauty?

Let’s face it. It’s a wasp. And as such, it has a difficult road to hoe. I don’t mean the problem of finding food or of surviving from season to season (only the queen does this). I mean the fact that, because of its ability to hurt humans, wasps are hunted down and exterminated. Never mind that they are actually beneficial to humans because they eat a lot of bugs which are harmful to the garden. As long as it has its weapon, it is a threat to society.

I definitely don’t want to get on a soapbox about a wasp, I really just want to be an observer this year. I want to take the time to actually see what creatures live with me on my property, without judgement and without trying to eradicate or change them in any way. Just observe and take pictures. And ponder how each being that I come across has already been sentenced by the human race depending on whether the being is harmful or beneficial. It’s amazing how much I find just in my backyard that has been deemed “bad” by our society. Sometimes for no other reason than it is ugly.

But humans are fickle and in another 50 years, these things may be termed beautiful, you never know. Personally, I am seeing beauty (art) in everything I take photos of, even if it’s something I would rather not have in my yard.

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  1. Your wasp is beautiful to gaze upon. I have a few wasps here. I let them be. But they have been causing problems in other parts of the country. Or we have created conditions in which they can cause trouble.

        1. Fascinating. I am struck by the fact that the wasps that are a problem are non-native to NZ. You guys are so very strict on what comes in to your country, how do you suppose they got in?

          1. I don’t really know. One of the wasps came in the 1940s when bio-security may have been less intense. Others came more recently. Our regulations are very strict but not foolproof. Things happen. 😦

  2. We had a really huge number here this year due to drought conditions..i had to remove two nests in the porch after hubby had to be taken by ambulance to hospital..the european wasps here are killing our bees which is not a good thing..of course you are right though why? we must have changed something as a society for this to happen.the dauber wasp is amazing very docile and incredible to watch building their nests…it was the paper wasps that went at him on the porch and as much as i let creatures be he was in big trouble almost straight away..he must have been the right height to be perceived as a i am looking at prevention for next season to allow them their place and make the house area not wasp friendly 🙂

    1. From what I’ve read, paper wasps defend their nests. You’re right, they must have seen hubby as a threat. I don’t want to downplay the threat of wasps (and bees) on humans, I am allergic to some bee stings and I am terrified of being stung again. What will you do to prevent nests on your porch next year?

      1. Yep they left me alone and i passed them the same day i red they have a no go zone..and he must have just pipped it..he needs an epipen now as the reaction was pretty bad…urghhh..i have read soap rubbed around the area keeps them at i will research more as i cannot take a chance with hubby and find a good proactive fix..who knows if we get more rain perhaps they will not be a problem next summer..all in the weather…

        1. I love that you are going to research ways of deterring them from building near the house instead of just waiting until they’ve built and then zapping them with wasp killer. Good on ya!

          1. Well i did not like doing it this time but had no choice sadly and i apologised to them too..urghhh but risk dictated it had ti be done…but prevention is always the way..i am not the boss of the world 🙂

          2. I have killed my share of wasps (it’s Mr. R’s job now)…I would like to think more about prevention in the future though…

  3. What a beautiful photo! I tried taking a photo of the first bee I saw this year, but it was moving so fast from flower to flower that I couldn’t keep up so I admire your photo all the more!

    1. Yeah, bees are sometimes a little camera shy. Besides, they often have a different agenda than getting their picture taken. Thanks for the comment!!!

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