I can’t even begin to tell you how mad and disappointed I feel.

That amazing opportunity to go to NYC for a month and study at the School of Visual Arts as a resident just hit a brick wall…hard.

The e-mail said:

Thank you so much for confirming your participation in the Sculpture Residency. 

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel session 1 of the program, and will be consolidating participants into session 2 (June 23-July 24).
I apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause and am writing to see if you are available to join us for session 2. If not, we will of course refund your payment immediately. 
Please let me know as soon as possible what you would like to do so that we can accommodate you to our best ability.
I actually screamed when I read this. Then I cried.
I feel like Charlie Brown after Lucy has taken the ball away.
As one of my friends said, I was already there in my mind, it is so utterly difficult to pull myself back to Maryland.
Make no mistake, I will get over it. Other opportunities are out there. I can still apply next year, blah blah blah. (FYI, I can’t make the second session because of a prior commitment).
Today, though, I am disappointed. That is all that I can manage.
I’ll leave you with the latest picture of my kangaroo, I moved the eyes recently and the face continues to take shape…
now if I can just gut up the courage to put on the ears...
now if I can just get up the courage to put on the ears…

16 thoughts on “disappointment

  1. Yes you will get over it, but in the meantime you are right to be angry and disappointed. I hope something even better comes along. Really liking the kangaroo and enjoying following him ( is it a boy?) coming together.

    1. I don’t hope for something better, but I don’t count it out either. This one seemed so very perfect. Thanks for your empathy.
      The kangaroo is a mom with a joey in the pocket. I’m hoping that the joey’s face goes a bit more quickly…probably not though, I will be working with teeny pieces of metal.

  2. That is SO ROTTEN!! My heart goes out to you…as if we don’t have enough struggles as artists…..I, yet again, made the mistake of doing some free logo artwork for a group, knowing mine might not get picked, but later I was so angry to learn that when I was asking if I should refine the roughs I’d submitted, they said Yes, but I later learnt another had already been chosen! Non-artists have no idea of the time spent and effort we make…shucks! x

    1. Don’t you hate when that happens? I am wishing I had had a little more advanced knowledge of this, I was set to start the residency in two weeks…grrrrrrrr.

  3. I am so upset for you sweets 😦 yes you will get over it but that is because you have too ..not because you want to..damn..art is so emotionally charged and these things hurt more than most..i have to say that Miss Roo is coming along amazingly well…you are so damn clever that i feel the school misses out on the opportunity YOU were giving them…loves Bev xx

  4. Bummer. I know how you were looking forward to it.
    The kangaroo is looking good though!!! Hope to see you soon.

  5. Darn! What a shame! I hate when things like that happen. Create your own mini residency at home this summer: new rules, new artistic parameters.

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