I had visions of creating a nice long chatty blog post tonight but I find I have got nothing in my brain. I have been going strong at this residency for two and a half weeks and tonight I feel the need to switch off. I will tell you that the residency is going well and I’m learning lots of stuff, some if it fascinating, some of it a bit bizarre. My studio space has transformed itself into a gallery space and the installation that I am doing is coming out really well. I have gotten good comments from my teacher and I hope to be done with it by next week. Maybe. Here is a sneak peek at a part of the installation. Unfortunately, it is going to be a bitch to get a good picture of the whole thing as I have a post in front of my space.


New York is cold and rainy today, the kind of damp cold that gets in your bones. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for my not feeling great. Instead of waiting forever for a bus this morning, I decided to walk to school and I do not have the right clothes for this weather so I was not a happy camper. (Forgive me for grumbling a bit, I’m just in that kind of mood).

Tomorrow is another (warmer, less wet) day and I am hoping to have worked through my grumpy moments…stay tuned!

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