paring down

I am spending some time this week paring down stuff. I feel like I am taking a cheese slicer and slicing off layers of my life. Nothing huge. Just little things.

I have stopped writing my studio newsletter and blog. I first started it to keep my studio news separate from this more personal blog. Then I joined Constant Contact and began to send out the blog as a newsletter e-mail to people. After a while I realized that I was not looking forward to writing them anymore, too much repetition of information, too difficult to figure out yet another template for the newsletter and too time-consuming to switch from WordPress to Constant Contact. So I have shaved off the newsletter portion of my life. This is not a tragedy, after all I still have this blog and a pretty lusty presence on Facebook. I have toyed with the idea of Twitter or Instagram but I am wary of adding a new language to an already overloaded conversation. I hate to think that I am getting on in years and that it is showing in my reluctance to jump from one new technology to another. Quite frankly, if it weren’t for my husband, I would always have been woefully behind the times. I owned the same little TV for 20 years, I cringe when I have to buy a new phone (“I like the old one, I’m used to it, I know where all the buttons are”) and am grateful to Apple for making it easy (if not cheap) for an old broad to get new electronics.

That being said, you probably won’t see much difference in this blog. I will still post personal observations and sightings from my property, pictures of dogs and cats will pop up regularly and the occasional rant will grace these pages. But I might put a few more posts about what’s happening in the studio and other venues of my professional life. For it is all interesting to me, which is why I started the blog in the first place. And I am grateful that what is interesting to me is interesting to you as well. Sometimes that surprises me, but I have learned to live with it…

I am also working on a new sculpture, one that I started before I left for NYC. Still don’t know if I am finished with it, I need to live with it for a while. I like a lot of stuff about it but I am missing the amazing feedback of my teacher and fellow students at SVA. I think they would say that it might not be quite finished. And I would have to agree with them.

I leave you with a picture taken on my iPhone last night during some local fireworks. I was invited to ride in a pontoon boat on a lake near here during a yearly tradition of community fireworks. It was one of the most amazing firework evenings, not because of the quality of fireworks but because of the evening, clear, still and cool. The fireworks reverberated around the lake, the moon shone just to the left of them, the company was lovely and it was wonderful.

fireworks on the lake
fireworks on the lake

6 thoughts on “paring down

  1. I giggled at the “lusty” Facebook presence as well! It took me a while to get to twitter but I find I quite like its quick rapport (similar to chatting on blogs, I suppose). And I just joined Instagram but only to post photos of my dog which I find is a wonderful venue to do so and not feel guilty as my followers there are mainly dog lovers who follow me to see updates of my dog. Facebook? Dear, I just signed up one month ago after being pestered by every person in my life. But, I find it a bit of a bore as I prefer to engage with the people I really know face to face or by phone. Sigh. Maybe we should go back to writing letters?

    1. You have almost convinced me to to try Twitter. I am and have always been ambivalent about Facebook, I like the instant connection, especially with people who I haven’t seen in years (read: decades) but I get ever so tired of the same old same old…It is good for the business posts though. Letters? Never was much good at them…alas alack.

  2. Good luck with your changes from newsletters to blogs – it’s so interesting trying to keep up with social media. I am often bored by Facebook – so many self indulgent photos and instant gratification posts…the superficiality of it often offends me. Twitter I’ve dallied with and may try again. Look forward to following your changes.

    1. I think most of what is on the web (and the TV) is self indulgent…but I am going to admit that I have a “like” addiction. It keeps me coming back for more. I’m guessing they planned it that way.

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