a good day

hiding under the docks

These anemones were living under the docks in Petersburg, Alaska. I learned it is possible to take pictures of things under the water without getting my camera wet. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

So why was today a good day? Because for the first time in over two months, my list of things to do had one word on it…”studio”. Between the residency in NYC and the trip to Alaska (not to mention the interment of my mother-in-law’s ashes and the influx of my husband’s family last week) I have had an enormous amount of things that have stopped me from working in my own studio. This makes me grumpy. The funny thing is, I didn’t create a single thing today.

No, instead I spent the entire day cleaning. Well, cleaning is too simple a word for the epic rearranging that went on. I took old pictures off the walls and archived them, recycled/threw out decades of bad art, made piles of pictures to be donated, vacuumed up dead flies and stink bugs (I work in a barn, remember?) and moved furniture and books to new spots. As a result, my upstairs sanctuary is quickly becoming a refreshed and exciting place to be. I will have room for all the new work I have been doing, and, hopefully, a place to play with the weaving/installation work I started in NYC.

Of course it’s a multi-day process, I still have tons of work to do and storage containers to buy so I won’t show pictures yet but it already is giving me a whole new perspective which is a good thing when you are creating. It’s almost like I am clearing the cobwebs out of my brain and allowing fresh new ideas and images to enter. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “a good day

  1. I tell you, that is a rya rug waiting to happen. And great posting. There is nothing like putting away the old to make room for the new. Now I want to follow your lead.

  2. I SO know how good that feels! But, like Gallivanta, I too run out of steam….and shtuff piles up again whilst I’m busy doing more interesting things….Yesterday I was surrounded by piles of papers, books, magazines, etc, and making a fine fist of sorting them; the phone goes, acquaintances inviting themselves over, me rushing round like blue-arsed fly, sweeping all piles away….then, they DIDN’T come! Meanwhile, I’d lost the will to unpack the jumbled piles…so when I finally do, it’ll be liking starting at the beginning again…aaaaargh!
    Great photo…was it the clearness of the water that meant camera stayed dry?

    1. Ah yes, real life getting in the way of clutter management. I know the feeling. The water was clear but it was because the anemones were shadowed by the dock so there was no reflection to fight with. On the pictures where I panned out, you can see my reflection on the surface of the water. It was also a gray rainy day which helped a lot.

  3. Reclaiming your work space must have felt so wonderful. I do that from time to time in my study and I feel it changes the creative energy. I love the underwater photograph you took, especially as you took it, it seems, from above the water (did I understand that correctly?).

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