clean, mean and pristine

glacier...what we see of it
glacier…what we see of it

I am hoping that looking at this glacier (from Glacier Bay National Park) will cool me down. Hmmmm, doesn’t seem to be working too well.

It’s hard to get the feeling of scale from this little picture but glaciers can be over a mile wide, and 200 feet above the water AND below the water. The dark streaks you see are the sides of the hills as the glacier pushes its way down the valley and towards the water. A truly magnificent beast.

In other news, (hence the title of the post) I have FINISHED cleaning the studio. More specifically, I have finished cleaning out the top two floors of the studio. I won’t show you any “before” pictures because I am too embarrassed, but I am totally proud to show you “after” pictures. It has been a long week’s project but I am super thrilled to have put things in their places (actually, I had to make places for them first) and I am almost reluctant to mess it all up again. Hopefully the new system will make it easier to keep clean. Uh huh, I’ll let you know how that goes…

This is the non-welding studio on the top floor and it is my sanctuary. I don’t generally bring anyone up here, so this is your chance to see one of my most favorite places to be. Enjoy!

studio studio studio studio

This is the second floor, I will show more pix of this floor another day. I have taken down a huge amount of artwork off the walls on the other end and am planning to create some installations based on my work up in NYC.


7 thoughts on “clean, mean and pristine

  1. The studio looks great! I bet your going to do some wonderful work there.

    I love the photo of the glacier too. I saw some beautiful ones in Patagonia when I was there a few years ago. We even took a small piece to put in our Scotch, haha.

      1. It is beautiful. I’ve been there twice and I preferred it the first time (exploring it by land) than the second time (on a small cruise) because the cruise became a bit monotonous. However, with the cruise we were able to see the glaciers up close.

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