It’s a rambling blog today. I have little ability to focus, driving is hazardous, and my husband has been super helpful lately since I told him I am trying desperately not to descend into the morass, which he has helpfully renamed the molasses. One foot in front of the other and soldier on…

Enough of the whining, you’ve read it before, no sense in dragging it on.

Because my concentration levels are so low, this is going to be a photography map of what’s going on in my life…come for a walk with me…

In the studio you will see that the joey is almost finished and I couldn’t resist placing him in the pouch temporarily just to see whether they look good together…the answer is yes!!!

unfinished joey in unfinished mama's pouch
unfinished joey in unfinished mama’s pouch

I won’t tell you why, but earlier today I could be seen taking a picture of a bulb of garlic. You will just have to be patient to find out why.

photo op
photo op

In the garden you will see a late pollinator called a digger wasp or blue winged wasp on the native goldenrod. I was thrilled to see it for more than one reason, not only is it cool looking but the mothers feed on Japanese Beetle grubs…I hope they eat lots of them during the winter. They made a mess of my garden this year.

late season pollinator
late season pollinator

Otherwhere’s in the garden, a volunteer yellow cherry tomato is hiding under the echinacea…I just picked some and have yet to eat one but will report in a future post, if I remember.

behind the echinacea
behind the echinacea

And finally, here is proof that at least one monarch visited my garden this year. I had a whole bunch of tomatoes in my hands so I didn’t dig around for the fourth wing. One can only hope that the eventual death of this butterfly happened after the eggs were laid for the next round.


13 thoughts on “stuff

    1. Thanks Charlie. I am actually feeling a bit better now, I just hate those days when being a useful member of society is not an option. It seems like such a waste sometimes.

      1. I don’t know what caused that, Virginia, but I do empathise! With advancing years, and aches and pains, I get very frustrated that I have days when I achieve very little at all….and some days am actually going backwards! But I’m learning to accept that slowing down is not so much an option as a grim necessity! x

  1. Oh look at the roo mum and bub..Bravo! this is wonderful sweets just wonderful! and yes those days are pretty blah…have them too..but by goodness we bounce back with style…at least that is what i tell myself…loves Bev xx

  2. Nice walk through your late summer goings on – I too hope that monarch laid some eggs before it’s demise. Haven’t seen a one this year in spite of lots of milkweed😒. Hope you’re out of the molasses!

    1. I am out of the molasses which is a good thing. My gardener tells me that the monarch was probably the victim of a praying mantis which is notorious for picking the wings off the body before it eats it.

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