Month: September 2015

oh deer

As you know, I have definitely reaped the benefits of Fozziemum’s pictures of kangaroos lately. So I thought I would reciprocate and post a picture of our own version of the kangaroo…the common white-tailed deer. This young one seems to be less than intimidated by Ginger. In fact it even took a step or two closer to her during their conversation. The deer know exactly where the invisible fence ends and are no longer afraid to test the boundaries. I guess the apple trees are too much of a treat to avoid, despite the inhospitable canine neighbor.

It was getting on in the evening and I was trying to capture the photos quickly, hence the lack of clarity. I have a funny suspicion this won’t be my last chance to take photos of them.

oh deer

a wedding

Our presence was requested at our nephew’s wedding in the middle of nowhere, California. I have to admit that we balked (not our finest moment), but when push came to shove, we put on our big boy and girl pants and flew across the country to attend.

The wedding took place in the mountains of California, below Lake Tahoe. A two hour car ride from any airport, and about 8,000 feet above sea level, the venue was at a resort called The HideOut, about a mile and half off the main road, down a gravel driveway. We stayed at Kirkwood Ski resort which was half an hour away. After driving to the wedding venue the first day, we very wisely took the shuttle the other two days, not wanting to put our rental car through the perils of the drive, especially at night. I can’t begin to describe the driveway, only to say that a small Jeep is probably the best way to get there, something high off the ground, yet small enough to fit through the rocks that encroach on part of the driveway.

The bride and groom did most of the planning and it was a feat of engineering. Food was provided throughout the day, not an easy task due to the isolation of the place. Signs were made, lights and heaters were supplied, and blankets were even given to each of the guests in case it got cold (which it tends to do at the end of September in the mountains). The food was excellent, and of course, I enjoyed the dancing the most…If we didn’t have to leave the next morning, I would have stayed all night and danced the entire time.

Here’s a brief photo montage of the weekend. As usual, I am not as good at taking pix of people, besides, I don’t like to post them unless the people want me to. Wedding couples don’t count, they get posted whether they want to or not…

We rented a convertible…a really good choice given the time of year and fabulous weather we had.


We stopped at the south end of Lake Tahoe for lunch, then arrived at our hotel at Kirkwood Ski Resort. The view from our room was lovely.


Then we drove up the road to have a barbecue at the wedding venue. We were to spend the good portion of three days there, eating, drinking, laughing and dancing. Oh, and watching the wedding too…wedding wedding wedding weddingwedding weddingwedding

The sunsets were gorgeous and the rising moon was awesome.

wedding wedding

As with any wedding, there is a bunch of down time and I was able to take a hike into the meadow at the ski resort and take pictures of the landscape and birds.

wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding sedding sedding wedding

All in all it was a lovely time.


I know you all are on pins and needles, waiting patiently for pictures of the kangaroo and her joey. You can now breathe…here she is. I am thrilled she is done although I’m feeling a little bit out of focus right now. I’m going to take a break from the studio for a couple of days…time to get some things done around the house.

roo roo roo roo P1100835roo

studio day

Well, I still can’t show pictures of the kangaroo, I want to wait until it is absolutely finished. All I can tell you is that she is going to be AWESOME!!! I spent some time cleaning out the spot in the garden where she and the joey will be installed. Keep your eyes on this spot at the end of the week, if all goes according to plan, she should be finished and installed on Friday.

I can show you some pix of little things I have seen over the last few days. I have been busy working on my rust paintings. They are so very satisfying and I am having fun experimenting with different papers and techniques. Look for them to get even bigger, I have an idea for a giant installation!

two experiments
two experiments
rust painting detail
rust painting detail

It’s the end of the summer here, and I am jealous of all the reports from down under showing their spring finery. The days here are warm enough for tank tops and the nights are cool enough for a sweater. I know we will get some brilliant color soon followed by…gray/white/black. To mark the end of summer, I found this guy literally on his last legs, he had done his job for the hive and next year will show a new batch of warriors.

end of the season, end of life
end of the season, end of life

And, finally, what post would be complete without the daily transgressions of one of the local felines…this time Isabel is the subject. She loves using the barn as her personal jungle gym. Can you guess where she wants to go to next???

the next move is up.
the next move is up.

this and that

A lazy day…fortunately it’s Sunday so it is more socially acceptable to coast through the day. I did get to work on the kangaroo, really just little fix-it stuff…the left foot and the pouch. Fine tuning you could say. Mostly because I am petrified of starting the hands. Hands are notorious for being one of the hardest things to sculpt. I don’t think it is any easier when it is a kangaroo hand.

There is the myth in the non-art world that smaller means less expensive. In my experience, smaller should be more expensive. True, I use less materials but having to cut, finish, bend and weld little tiny pieces of steel is remarkably difficult. I am thinking of doing a camel next because it might be a bit easier to bash larger pieces again. Then again, I may change my mind, who knows???

In other news, I went for a (short) walk today. The sky is bluer than blue and I took a picture of a vulture because yesterday was International Vulture Awareness Day. Even vultures are not immune to the changes that the earth is undergoing. In some places in Asia and Africa they are actually becoming endangered. This may not seem like a tragedy but have you ever been in NYC when the garbage workers go on strike? Imagine this happening every where that vultures are around…They are nature’s garbagemen. They are one of the important links in the decay of dead things.


I am also posting this picture from my time up in Connecticut. It is in response to Fozziemum’s post today. She lives down under and is so excited to see color and feel the warmth after a long winter. Her pictures are wonderful. These kinds of pix are what my sister calls Crayola pictures…all full of saturated primary and secondary colors. Blue and yellow make GREEN!!! What a great picture to teach color theory. (And BTW, if you want to see great pictures of real kangaroos, check out some of the other posts on Fozziemum’s blog…she is quite expert at taking pictures without bothering the beasts.)


fibers and cardboard

I realized I left you all hanging as to whether I made it out of the molasses. Yes and no. One can always find a stray puddle of it to step in when one is not looking. Sigh. It’s okay. I think, perhaps, I have stepped out of it again.

Anyway, I spent some time working on the installation in the barn tonight which I haven’t done in a while. I took some stuff down, then put some other stuff up, stood back, pondered, then made even more stuff to add to it. Got the ladder out, climbed up, stuck a few things to the wall, climbed down, stepped back, pondered…you get the idea. It was actually quite fun and I am getting closer to having the whole thing gel.

Just as a tease, here are a couple of pictures of the piece in process…taken with my iPhone in one hand and a light in the other. Not exactly the most professional photo session but it will do…

IMG_1394 IMG_1403 IMG_1405

It is going to be a bitch to photograph of course, it wraps around the wall and the stair railing gets in the way of a good photo…may have to take that down…yeesh. But for right now, I’ll just keep playing with it.

Stay tuned!!!