fibers and cardboard

I realized I left you all hanging as to whether I made it out of the molasses. Yes and no. One can always find a stray puddle of it to step in when one is not looking. Sigh. It’s okay. I think, perhaps, I have stepped out of it again.

Anyway, I spent some time working on the installation in the barn tonight which I haven’t done in a while. I took some stuff down, then put some other stuff up, stood back, pondered, then made even more stuff to add to it. Got the ladder out, climbed up, stuck a few things to the wall, climbed down, stepped back, pondered…you get the idea. It was actually quite fun and I am getting closer to having the whole thing gel.

Just as a tease, here are a couple of pictures of the piece in process…taken with my iPhone in one hand and a light in the other. Not exactly the most professional photo session but it will do…

IMG_1394 IMG_1403 IMG_1405

It is going to be a bitch to photograph of course, it wraps around the wall and the stair railing gets in the way of a good photo…may have to take that down…yeesh. But for right now, I’ll just keep playing with it.

Stay tuned!!!

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