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A lazy day…fortunately it’s Sunday so it is more socially acceptable to coast through the day. I did get to work on the kangaroo, really just little fix-it stuff…the left foot and the pouch. Fine tuning you could say. Mostly because I am petrified of starting the hands. Hands are notorious for being one of the hardest things to sculpt. I don’t think it is any easier when it is a kangaroo hand.

There is the myth in the non-art world that smaller means less expensive. In my experience, smaller should be more expensive. True, I use less materials but having to cut, finish, bend and weld little tiny pieces of steel is remarkably difficult. I am thinking of doing a camel next because it might be a bit easier to bash larger pieces again. Then again, I may change my mind, who knows???

In other news, I went for a (short) walk today. The sky is bluer than blue and I took a picture of a vulture because yesterday was International Vulture Awareness Day. Even vultures are not immune to the changes that the earth is undergoing. In some places in Asia and Africa they are actually becoming endangered. This may not seem like a tragedy but have you ever been in NYC when the garbage workers go on strike? Imagine this happening every where that vultures are around…They are nature’s garbagemen. They are one of the important links in the decay of dead things.


I am also posting this picture from my time up in Connecticut. It is in response to Fozziemum’s post today. She lives down under and is so excited to see color and feel the warmth after a long winter. Her pictures are wonderful. These kinds of pix are what my sister calls Crayola pictures…all full of saturated primary and secondary colors. Blue and yellow make GREEN!!! What a great picture to teach color theory. (And BTW, if you want to see great pictures of real kangaroos, check out some of the other posts on Fozziemum’s blog…she is quite expert at taking pictures without bothering the beasts.)


13 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Those Roos are just awesome..Hubby and i are super excited to see the end result you have done an amazing and very honest piece of work..i live the saturated skies too and the poor old Vultures may get a bad rap but they are like all inhabitants on earth..vital! thanks for the compliments on my work it means the world to me coming from an artist! and yes small is harder..more detail more fiddly bits and therefore more expense…i will shoot some close up hands to your facebook for you they may help..all artists in every medium hate hands and eyes..very tricky! hugs Bev xx

    1. Your cheerleading and pictures have been awesome while I make this roo. I am excited and trepidatious to be so close to finishing. Thanks for coming on the journey with me!

        1. Ugh…colonoscopies suck. Well, not the procedure, but the starving part…it will be over soon. Yes I got your e-mail. Your are amazing. Thank you for the pix and don’t worry, I wasn’t grossed out, just intrigued. Would have loved to have seen the whole roo. I’m weird, I know.

          1. I agree…that damn prep is violent…i am glad you were not grossed are not weird..i took the shots as to me it was a way to acknowledge a life..i have more which i will send..i said goodbye to the poor sweetie …here when a roo is hit and killed on the road wildlife peeps come by and check for pouches and joeys..when checked they spray paint a mark on the roo to let others know it has been checked..i have checked for pouches and it is not a nice sad…but i would hate to think a small life was being driven past…will send some pics tomorrow when i can sit without fear of needing to dash off 😉

    1. Thanks Jane! It still amazes me that I can take a video with a phone, plug it into a computer, press a few buttons and voilà…it is there for the world to see. And yes, I am proud, but also not quite satisfied…I think there will be some fine tuning going on.

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