studio day

Well, I still can’t show pictures of the kangaroo, I want to wait until it is absolutely finished. All I can tell you is that she is going to be AWESOME!!! I spent some time cleaning out the spot in the garden where she and the joey will be installed. Keep your eyes on this spot at the end of the week, if all goes according to plan, she should be finished and installed on Friday.

I can show you some pix of little things I have seen over the last few days. I have been busy working on my rust paintings. They are so very satisfying and I am having fun experimenting with different papers and techniques. Look for them to get even bigger, I have an idea for a giant installation!

two experiments
two experiments
rust painting detail
rust painting detail

It’s the end of the summer here, and I am jealous of all the reports from down under showing their spring finery. The days here are warm enough for tank tops and the nights are cool enough for a sweater. I know we will get some brilliant color soon followed by…gray/white/black. To mark the end of summer, I found this guy literally on his last legs, he had done his job for the hive and next year will show a new batch of warriors.

end of the season, end of life
end of the season, end of life

And, finally, what post would be complete without the daily transgressions of one of the local felines…this time Isabel is the subject. She loves using the barn as her personal jungle gym. Can you guess where she wants to go to next???

the next move is up.
the next move is up.

2 thoughts on “studio day

  1. I cannot wait until the big reveal! Hubby is all excited too 🙂 i know the end result will be a beautifully crafted and respectful likeness of our amazing roos 🙂 i love the rust work too..i have a thing for rusty stuff..appeals to me…and as for naughty kitty behaviours…i know…i really do 🙂 Hugs Bev xx

  2. I can understand your excitement at placing your kangaroo outdoors and look forward to the ‘reveal’! The rust art is intriguing and you seem to be exploring lots of different types of art besides your sculptures these days.

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