I know you all are on pins and needles, waiting patiently for pictures of the kangaroo and her joey. You can now breathe…here she is. I am thrilled she is done although I’m feeling a little bit out of focus right now.Β I’m going to take a break from the studio for a couple of days…time to get some things done around the house.

roo roo roo roo P1100835roo

8 thoughts on “finished!!!

  1. Just stunning!!! just like looking out my window…except this one i could cuddle πŸ™‚ bravo sweets you have dine an amazing and very respectful super chuffed ..yes take a break…and yes i know the cleaning needs doing..but kick back a bit too! Hugs Bev xx

    1. Thanks Bev…that means a lot since you get the thrill of seeing these guys everyday. And thanks again for your wonderful pix…they really really did help a LOT…

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