a wedding

Our presence was requested at our nephew’s wedding in the middle of nowhere, California. I have to admit that we balked (not our finest moment), but when push came to shove, we put on our big boy and girl pants and flew across the country to attend.

The wedding took place in the mountains of California, below Lake Tahoe. A two hour car ride from any airport, and about 8,000 feet above sea level, the venue was at a resort called The HideOut, about a mile and half off the main road, down a gravel driveway. We stayed at Kirkwood Ski resort which was half an hour away. After driving to the wedding venue the first day, we very wisely took the shuttle the other two days, not wanting to put our rental car through the perils of the drive, especially at night. I can’t begin to describe the driveway, only to say that a small Jeep is probably the best way to get there, something high off the ground, yet small enough to fit through the rocks that encroach on part of the driveway.

The bride and groom did most of the planning and it was a feat of engineering. Food was provided throughout the day, not an easy task due to the isolation of the place. Signs were made, lights and heaters were supplied, and blankets were even given to each of the guests in case it got cold (which it tends to do at the end of September in the mountains). The food was excellent, and of course, I enjoyed the dancing the most…If we didn’t have to leave the next morning, I would have stayed all night and danced the entire time.

Here’s a brief photo montage of the weekend. As usual, I am not as good at taking pix of people, besides, I don’t like to post them unless the people want me to. Wedding couples don’t count, they get posted whether they want to or not…

We rented a convertible…a really good choice given the time of year and fabulous weather we had.


We stopped at the south end of Lake Tahoe for lunch, then arrived at our hotel at Kirkwood Ski Resort. The view from our room was lovely.


Then we drove up the road to have a barbecue at the wedding venue. We were to spend the good portion of three days there, eating, drinking, laughing and dancing. Oh, and watching the wedding too…wedding wedding wedding weddingwedding weddingwedding

The sunsets were gorgeous and the rising moon was awesome.

wedding wedding

As with any wedding, there is a bunch of down time and I was able to take a hike into the meadow at the ski resort and take pictures of the landscape and birds.

wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding sedding sedding wedding

All in all it was a lovely time.

6 thoughts on “a wedding

  1. It looks like a perfect venue – great photos! I often find that the events I’m in two minds about turn out to be the most enjoyable…and you did it in style with the convertible too.

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