oh deer

As you know, I have definitely reaped the benefits of Fozziemum’s pictures of kangaroos lately. So I thought I would reciprocate and post a picture of our own version of the kangaroo…the common white-tailed deer. This young one seems to be less than intimidated by Ginger. In fact it even took a step or two closer to her during their conversation. The deer know exactly where the invisible fence ends and are no longer afraid to test the boundaries. I guess the apple trees are too much of a treat to avoid, despite the inhospitable canine neighbor.

It was getting on in the evening and I was trying to capture the photos quickly, hence the lack of clarity. I have a funny suspicion this won’t be my last chance to take photos of them.

oh deer

2 thoughts on “oh deer

  1. What a great shot! It’s amazing how unafraid they are. We have some woods behind the garden (the woods belong to the neighbor) and a family of deer live there. Out back garden is fenced but not the front one so they come and nibble on our hostas sometimes. Although I miss my hostas afterwards I do like seeing the deer.

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