It has been a super productive day today but I am starting to wear down so I thought I’d take a bit of a break and post something. I am off again tomorrow for one more round of travel, then I get to stay at home and be normal…until I get bored of that and want to go somewhere else again.

There has been such a shift in the studio since I finished the kangaroo. The floor is now covered with rice paper in various stages of rust/ink painting. Experimentation is the name of the game and boy oh boy is it exciting. There has also been a shift in my mind as I work to sift down all the thoughts and feelings I have into an understandable artist statement. I am having to learn a new way of thinking and writing, one that is a challenge because it requires me to actually put words to my ideas, my concepts, my reasons for doing what I am doing. I prefer to just make stuff, without thinking too much about it. But what I am finding (not surprisingly) is that by synthesizing it down to a few words, I have more of a focus, more of an excitement when it starts to come together.

Oxidation Happens group

You can see what I am talking about on the new page of my website. I have finally added the rust paintings (part of a series I am calling Oxidation Happens). It goes along with my idea of the website as retrospective, not just a catalog of the work that is for sale. Having a background in retail/wholesale production, I am used to thinking how best to sell my work. Now I have to think about how best to show everything I do and everything I am as if my website is my portfolio…seems a subtle point when I write it but it is work to wrap my head around it.

Alright, off to see how the rusting is going…

4 thoughts on “productive

  1. The oxidation pieces are quite fascinating – they seem to take us on a journey of sorts. And I love the new look of your website: it’s so clean if you know what I mean. And I think it’s a great idea to include a retrospective of your work.

    1. Thanks for your feedback…I too love the new look of the website, it is very easy to keep it updated. And the rust stuff is really intriguing, it is certainly taking ME on a journey!

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