camera club

Yesterday I hosted the first event since bringing all my sculptures home and finishing the kangaroo. The Carroll County (MD) Camera Club started arriving around 9 a.m. Over two hours later, the last of them left, happy with a successful morning taking pictures of the sculptures, the barn, the studio, Ginger, Lucy and Izzy. (Max decided he would rather take a nap than be photographed.) I was thrilled that they found so much to photograph and in fact some people are planning a return visit in the future. This is exactly why I wanted to open my own sculpture garden.

I am always humbled by the pictures that can be taken by those with good cameras and a bunch of talent. I have a somewhat decent camera and a modicum of talent but I do NOT have the patience to learn and remember all the tricks of the trade, it is as if that part of my brain has a little door that lets out all the information I try to put in it. I’m hoping that I will see more pictures in the future but for now I will share with you Cathy Gilleland’s photos. She took lovely close-ups of a few of the steel animals, some great pix of the live animals and blew my mind with her “Infrared” pictures…enjoy!!! (Click on any picture to start the slide show.)

8 thoughts on “camera club

  1. Taking just the heads of the bear and kangaroo was interesting especially with the great background. The way the muskox is framed is neat too! So great of you to open up your place😊

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