chaos and peace

The winds are howling, the rain is slamming against the windows and the big boy (and girl) Republicans are shouting at each other and at whoever is listening (like my husband). It’s a night to stay inside and upstairs…away from the TV. I just downloaded a bunch of stuff from my iPhone and realized that I have a rather nice collection of photos to share with you, they seem to all have something to do with metal and rust.

When we were driving back from Key West to Ft. Lauderdale, we were brought to a complete halt on the seven mile bridge because of an accident. I had just been thinking that I wanted to take a picture of the old bridge which runs parallel to the new bridge. I got my wish although I am sure that the people who were in the accident and all the others who had to wait for it to be cleared up were not as happy.

9 mile bridge 9 mile bridge

A few days later I was out having lunch and there was construction near to the restaurant. I had to take a minute to enjoy the movement of this crane picking up and putting down a very large piece of concrete. It was graceful and fast! I am always amazed at the talent of someone who can sit in a booth way up in the sky and manipulate the large beast in such a delicate and graceful way.


(BTW, I can hear the TV downstairs, I think that at least 5 of the candidates are all trying to talk at once. Makes for a really civilized debate doesn’t it?)

This next picture is of a barn that I pass with some regularity, and I always wish I would take the time to stop and take a picture. Well, next time I go on this road I will take the good camera but here is the iPhone version.

rusty barn

Izzy decided to get up onto the kangaroo. And, oh by the way, if you want to see another few pictures from the camera club, check out Earl’s photos on Flicker. He catches the sculptures from some very interesting positions!


Before the camera club came I cleaned up in the studio just a bit…these are some of the rust paintings that were rolled up into scrolls.


And because there is somewhat of a metal/rust theme going on here, I will finish with some rust on one of the sheets of steel in the studio.


4 thoughts on “chaos and peace

  1. Your rust theme compliments the autumn colors so well. I’m always fascinated with cranes as well. So graceful and mechanical and one can’t help imagine who is up there.

    Izzy is adorable.

    1. I am drawn to rust and fall colors…don’t know why.
      I agree that cranes are so graceful but I wouldn’t want to be under one when it fell. I had that thought when I was watching it, if it fell in the right direction, I could get smooshed.
      Izzy is adorable…and she knows it.

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