it’s all about me

Yesterday I posted a video on You Tube. It is a video of me…thirteen minutes of just me. Well, me and a kangaroo. A steel one. “Sculpting with Lightning” is a video that was filmed by Ken Koons, a photographer and videographer extraordinaire with the local paper here in Carroll County, MD. He is also a talented musician, instrument maker and a super nice guy. He spent a year filming me and the growing (and shrinking and growing and shrinking) kangaroo so that other people could see my process of creation. I (not surprisingly) think it’s an awesome video and don’t mind admitting that i have watched it more than once.

I am sharing it with you, the world, so that you can also step into my studio while I am creating and feel like you have witnessed this animal coming to life. I also hope that you will share it with everyone in your part of the world. I am just vain enough to want this thing to go viral.

So, take 13 minutes out of your day, grab a cup of coffee (or better yet, wine), sit back and enjoy the story…

Oh, and if you want to come see this wonderful kangaroo in person and live in the Baltimore/DC area, I will be participating in the Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour on Ā December 5 and 6 from 10 to 5. For more info go to

(Top kangaroo photo by Cathy Gilleland)

2 thoughts on “it’s all about me

    1. Thanks Donna. Yes, Ken really rocked it. I was worried that I would not like seeing myself welding but it so much more than pictures of me, it’s about the whole process. It was an awesome experience…

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