I had 30 minutes to spare before meeting friends for lunch so I popped into the Barnes and Noble. I didn’t buy anything, mostly because I have too many books as it is and I am a super library freak. If I see a novel that I want, I check first to see if it’s in the library. That way when I am done, I can give it back.

Art/craft books, and picture books of plants and animals are another matter entirely (unsurprisingly). Those adorn my studio bookshelves (and floors and piano) and I love to look at them again and again for inspiration.

Today, as I perused the nature and arts section I found this book. Lately I have had an interest in the concept of recycling and reuse so I pulled it from the shelf. I thought it ironic that every copy was shrink wrapped in plastic (which is why there is a reflection of the lights on it). If it hadn’t been, I might have enjoyed looking through it. I just couldn’t think what I would do with the shrink wrapped plastic…


3 thoughts on “irony

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shrink-wrapped book in Barnes and Noble. Although, I haven’t been in there in a little while. It would be pretty funny if they had instructions in there on how to reuse the plastic! It IS pretty ironic, I agree lol

    1. There were several books that had been shrink wrapped, I guess it is to preserve them from all the grubby little hands that go pawing through them…as well as to stop people just browsing and make them actually buy the book. Guilty on both accounts. I am less likely to buy a book that I can’t see the inside of though.

      1. I’ve always thought it was odd how much B&N encourages people to hang out in their comfy chairs with Starbucks for hours and read their books without paying. Awesome idea for making a customer happy. But, shrink wrapping is a good idea for money profits. lol

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