I am in the process of doing some deep cleaning in my office because we are getting plaster repair and painting done in the next couple of weeks. One of the things I am going through is the plethora of CD’s that have been sitting on my desk for years. Last night I looked through one that was a photo backup from 2006. On it I found a bunch of pictures of my polymer clay life. (This was the life that occurred before my welding life when my studio/gallery was called Winter Moon Designs.) I have not posted too many of these pix, simply because I don’t have them hanging out on my computer. So I thought I would start to share them with you and in the process have fun looking at them again myself.

This group of pix is of the small furniture that I would make out of polymer clay. I spent hours in Barnes and Noble poring over contemporary furniture magazines and books. I “borrowed” catalogs from different furniture stores. To me, a chair or sofa is not just an object but a vignette of my life. To this day I have several reading chairs and ottomans around the house, usually draped with lap blankets. I love ending the day with a good book (or two or three). Of course when I made these I didn’t need reading glasses, but now…they are a necessary accessory.

The furniture started with a tin foil armature covered in leftover ground up clay. I would work this clay into the shape I wanted then carefully cover it with the “fabric” trying to keep the air bubbles to a minimum. Books, pillows, mugs, trim and blankets were added then the piece was baked. Wire glasses were added afterwards.

Dimensions are variable but to give you an idea, the longest (green striped) sofa is probably about 7″ long.

6 thoughts on “flashback

    1. Nice! I hope they are good memories. My mother’s chair was pink like that and my dad’s rocker is waiting to go to my brother. Chairs definitely hold memories.

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