the past, the present

This past week, the past had to wait for the present. All the pix I downloaded of my polymer clay work were on a computer that was stuck under a piece of plastic while the plasterer repaired our walls. The plaster guy is now gone, and I am typing at the desk in the middle of the room (the painter is due next week, no sense in moving everything more than we need to). So here’s another peek at my pre-welding days.

I always loved pushing the boundaries of polymer clay. It is a relatively new material (developed during WWII I believe) and so many of the things that I did with it were absolutely original. Even then, my interest in basket weaving was apparent, as was my love of color. Polymer clay comes in many vibrant colors and it was always a joy to have the immense range of saturated color at my fingertips. (The polymer clay baskets were all about 10 inches tall.)

This first basket was inspired by Kari Lonning and her bird nest baskets.

red and purple

These next three baskets were the beginnings of my conceptual period although I didn’t really know it at the time. With each one I have started a story and encourage the viewer to finish it in their own way.

All the World’s a Stage
cliff dweller

By showing these, I’m hoping you can see the workings of my mind that led me to create these sculptures out of steel and natural fibers 15 years later…

Tree House
red and purple
red and purple
Forest Floor
red and purple

5 thoughts on “the past, the present

  1. These are stunning! I’ve been plotting a way to use up reams of lovely old papers, some with drawings or paintings on them. I’ve been thinking of weaving as a solution. These images make me think that’s the right direction! Thanks!

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