from the studio

Wow, the studio has been humming lately. I am full swing into experimentation, creation and mentoring.

First, I brought out some old cotton napkins that were slightly stained from all of the abuse they received over the years. Experimenting with the rust as paint and adding some ink as “writing” I started to go in yet another direction with my work. It is still not fully developed, but I am super excited about it. I have a feeling that all these ways of working with the rust are going to come together some day and make a FABULOUS piece…I just need more time…




In addition, the work on the garlic is coming along nicely, in fact I am almost done with it. I am not quite sure how I will finish it, there has to be some element of surprise at the end…creation gets so boring when I always know exactly what I am doing. If you don’t remember why I am making a garlic, it is to cover an ugly well head in my front yard. It will make more sense when I install it…once the snow goes away.




And finally, I am currently mentoring an intern from the Maryland Institute College of Art! Julia is a second year student at MICA and is interested in fiber art and metal art. A couple of weeks ago, her aunt brought her to see my studio and by the end of her time here, I asked if she wanted to be my intern…it seems like a perfect fit. Of course it is a responsibility to have an intern. In some ways I have to work harder in order to come up with things that she can do for me. And since I am so used to doing everything myself, I have to revise my thinking big time. However, I see the potential for a lot of work to be done during this semester…stay tuned…


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