take a break

I admit it. I was ready to give up on this blog. After four + years of writing fairly consistently, I became less and less inclined to write to the known and unknown general public. The breaks between posts started getting longer and longer. The days filled up with time in the studio (a worthwhile substitution), gardening (ditto) and life in general. I will also admit that for a while, my depression deepened and I was uninterested in writing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I had lots of ideas, lots of subjects, it just seemed that when I sat down to write, the words seemed unimportant or off kilter somehow.

Tonight I told my husband that I was thinking of discontinuing this blog. And he said one of the sweetest things he has ever said to me.

“But people will miss reading it.”

Sometimes I forget that people actually read what I write. Unless someone clicked the like button or left a comment, I really had no idea who read my words or if you enjoyed/hated them. But over the years I heard comments from some of you that you enjoyed reading my posts. Sometimes those comments came at a party with friends, sometimes they came at the end of the blog post. You are the silent readers, the ones I sometimes forget are out there. But I know you are real.

So here’s the deal. I will continue to write. I will not worry about the best time to post or how many people are seeing my blog. I will write for myself…out loud. I will be more diligent about being consistent.

Because the bottom line is that I enjoy writing. I enjoy putting into words the thoughts and feelings that runaround in my head all day, while I am working, walking, eating and driving. There is so much happening in the world and in my life. There are books to read, philosophies to absorb and current events to watch. Not to mention sculptures to create!

As you may know, I like to show at least one photograph in my posts. Well, tonight you get a bonus (mostly because I couldn’t figure out which was my favorite). The mahonia in my backyard has berries which, combined with the color of the leaves, is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

(P.S. there is LOTS of stuff happening in the studio, keep an eye out for the next post. Or visit http://www.virginiasperry.com or www.facebook.com/VSperryStudio/)

Cheers and Happy May!


21 thoughts on “take a break

  1. You go girl..have been off myself..one doggie with health issues a serious bad summer and now our other boy Forrest who we had to say goodbye to last week..i love your posts..i hope you write when you want..do what you want..we all get it..totally xx

    1. Oh Bev I am so sorry about Forrest. He was a sweet soul. And thanks for the support, I knew you would understand. Sometimes the blog is just one too many things. Hang in there…

      1. Thankyou sweets..i know..i have comments to reply to and the loving words just get me to messed up pretty quick..12 years leaves a huge hole..we will get there…in time…Love Bev xx

  2. Jeez, this post spoke to me! I renewed my subscription a while back, and haven’t posted since…..and felt guilty for not following posts from folk that interest me, like yours…..sometimes depression stops me from blogging, sometimes i falter at being as honest as i want to be…..luckily right now it’s an obsession with new work that keeps me away…..but Do, Please, keep posting…..C xxx

    1. I’m glad that you are being distracted by new work. Things go in cycles, stick with the work and the blog will return later… Thanks for the support!

    1. I’m glad you have found this outlet, I love seeing where you’ve been and what you’ve seen through the windshield. Thanks for the support!

      1. I love what your mind envisions, and the ability you have to bring it to life for the rest of us. It truly is a gift to the world to have you in it!

  3. Virginia
    Please keep the blog going – it’s a service to a community (perhaps larger than you think) of folks who enjoy keeping up with your thoughtful and thought provoking outlook on life.

    1. Larry, it’s good to hear from you. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will definitely keep writing. And if you get a chance, come see me at the open studio!

  4. Sounds like your community is going to follow what you post whether you put it out regularly or intermittently, so it is win-win. Post when you want and don’t post if you don’t want. We will always be here for you. Thank you for your perspectives.

  5. It is sometimes hard to post and keep up with blogs you like both because of time and inclination. I’ve really enjoyed following your different artistic expressions over the years so I hope you keep blogging.

      1. Glad your in the studio. Glad you do the blog whenever you feel like. Don’t feel pressured. It is for expression and enjoyment. Feel the joy… and call me when you need diversions.

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