Mother would be appalled

My mother has been dead for almost six years now. For some reason, the latest political upheaval (a very mild term for what is going on) has been making me think of her. She was a women who was very fond of the understatement, and was loathe to use strong words of emotion. “I am not angry, I’m upset” she said to me once when we were discussing a particularly difficult family situation. More than once during my childhood she told me “Don’t use the word hate, use the word detest or loathe.” And, of course, the all encompassing phrase would pop up every so often, “If you can’t find anything good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

In honor of her, I won’t talk about our president at all. Period. End of sentence.

Except to say that I loathe and detest him.

On another note, I have made the commitment, after having such a great time in Namibia, to sign up for one photographic outing a month. To this end, I spent Saturday In Annapolis on a photo Safari. The focus was on taking abstract photographs. It was a rainy cold day, but I really learned a lot from the leader. (It was a group of one so I got a lot of extra attention…) I am still not great at getting exactly what I want but I am definitely getting better. If you are in the DC metro area and are interested in photography, check out these safaris.





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