Month: May 2017

Open Studio and Sculpture Garden

Lucy is waiting patiently for all her visitors!

Open Studio and Sculpture Garden

May 20/21

10 to 5

415 Heath Dr. Eldersburg, MD


10 Reasons why I like the yearly spring open studio:
1. The gardens look fabulous. Mulching is done, weeding is, well, never done and I have planted lots of new things. There is a new moon garden (behind Lucy) due to the removal of a very old, very cool and very rotten tree in front of our house. I have spent hours at various plant nurseries around the area, perusing what’s new and what’s old and planning new designs in the gardens.
2. The grounds look great. It is the time of Green and, despite the grumbling, my husband works hard to maintain the yard in tip top shape.
3. The sculptures get some upkeep. Maintenance of the animals is an ongoing job but this is a good time of the year to make sure that they are looking gooooooooooood.
4. The studio magically gets clean. Okay, not really. I lied. Or maybe exaggerated. There are several days put aside for making this a reality. However, it is always such a good feeling to walk into the studio after the event and realize that all I have to do is PLAY!!!
5. I sense the excitement in the air. A friend of mine said today “Aren’t you excited about your open studio? I am!!!” ‘Nuff said.
6. I meet new people in the quest for ways to market this event. There are such neat people here in Carroll County and I love finding new friends who will help me promote my open studio.
7. I get excited about showing off new works. This year, I have the beginning of a really exciting project in the studio and I can’t wait for you to see it!!!
8. I get to meet such great people each day of the event. Last year I was overwhelmed at how many people showed up despite the abysmal weather. Rain and 50’s is not my idea of a perfect day but over 100 people showed up to see the sculptures. This year the weather is (so far) promising to be warmer and who knows who I will meet during the two days?
9. I often make contacts that produce more studio visits throughout the year. This year I had a visit from the high school kids from Winters Mill high school. A bus load from Carroll Lutheran stopped in on a very hot day in July. And a group of guys in Model A Fords drove in one afternoon earlier this year to spend some time with the sculptures.
10. I get to see people’s reactions to my work. Artists have egos and I am no different…I love to see the smiles and the “oohs” as people walk around the property. I am always honored when someone takes the time out of their day to come see and enjoy my creations.
I hope you can make it this year, it is such a treat to see you!
Don’t forget…you can still go to Buickster Hall in Taneytown to see some of my smaller works until June 11. See my website for more info.