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take a break

I admit it. I was ready to give up on this blog. After four + years of writing fairly consistently, I became less and less inclined to write to the known and unknown general public. The breaks between posts started getting longer and longer. The days filled up with time in the studio (a worthwhile substitution), gardening (ditto) and life in general. I will also admit that for a while, my depression deepened and I was uninterested in writing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I had lots of ideas, lots of subjects, it just seemed that when I sat down to write, the words seemed unimportant or off kilter somehow.

Tonight I told my husband that I was thinking of discontinuing this blog. And he said one of the sweetest things he has ever said to me.

“But people will miss reading it.”

Sometimes I forget that people actually read what I write. Unless someone clicked the like button or left a comment, I really had no idea who read my words or if you enjoyed/hated them. But over the years I heard comments from some of you that you enjoyed reading my posts. Sometimes those comments came at a party with friends, sometimes they came at the end of the blog post. You are the silent readers, the ones I sometimes forget are out there. But I know you are real.

So here’s the deal. I will continue to write. I will not worry about the best time to post or how many people are seeing my blog. I will write for myself…out loud. I will be more diligent about being consistent.

Because the bottom line is that I enjoy writing. I enjoy putting into words the thoughts and feelings that runaround in my head all day, while I am working, walking, eating and driving. There is so much happening in the world and in my life. There are books to read, philosophies to absorb and current events to watch. Not to mention sculptures to create!

As you may know, I like to show at least one photograph in my posts. Well, tonight you get a bonus (mostly because I couldn’t figure out which was my favorite). The mahonia in my backyard has berries which, combined with the color of the leaves, is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

(P.S. there is LOTS of stuff happening in the studio, keep an eye out for the next post. Or visit http://www.virginiasperry.com or www.facebook.com/VSperryStudio/)

Cheers and Happy May!


invasive inspiration

The tiny berries

clustered at

the end of the

mile a minute vine

show the wonderful

hues of

blues and purples

against the

luscious greens

of the late summer foliage.

Don’t be surprised

if these colors

show up

in some way

in my artwork

in the future.

blues and purples
blues greens and purples

leaf it to me

A camera,

new and slightly tested,

zoomed in on

a dying

elephant ear leaf

aka Colocasia

and snapped its picture


with little or no


and changed said leaf

into an

undulating mass of




that seemed to

move on its own

as it lay dormant

on my patio

curling up in death
curling up in death


The clothes on the rack

don’t speak to me much

these days.

I wonder aimlessly

through the store

until I pass by

a dress

decked out in

colors and patterns

that are hard to ignore.

No, I don’t want to

wear it.

I want to steal the colors

and patterns.

Inspiration has been found,

creativity to follow.



It snowed again last night. We spent an hour clearing off the driveway, walkway and path to my studio…again. I do love winter, just not in March, but this is our fate this year. Like it or lump it.

So I shall travel back in my mind to other snowy climes, specifically Yellowstone. And in true March form, I search for color to combat the white/grey/brown and black that pervades my visual sense at this time of year. Funny, in order to do that we have to travel to another geothermal place, this time one that is located right on the edge of Yellowstone Lake.

The heat and minerals that come up from deep below the surface of the earth can be deadly but beautiful. The colors are beautiful, especially in winter against a backdrop of white snow. Flies buzz just on the surface of the springs…any further away from the heat source and they die in the cold air. The expanse of the frozen lake is beautiful, the springs falling down the rocks are eerie. It is startlingly quiet except for the murmurs of conversations and the mud pot that makes sounds like a washing machine.

can you see the teeny flies?
can you see the teeny flies?
ice covered lake
blue sky and ice covered lake
steam from the springs
steam from the springs
minerals and thermal water
minerals and thermal water
awesome color
awesome color

more experimentation

I am finally understanding aperture and how it works on my camera. So I played with it today when I took pictures of some peppers that have been lying around. I should have composted them (or cooked them) weeks ago, but actually I’ve been enjoying their colors and textures as they over-mature.

The bell pepper became orange and wrinkly with what looks like an eye on the side.

bell pepper peppers


The banana pepper turned orange and dark red and wrinkly. The tip of one is giving a reasonable impression of a rattlesnake tail.

peppers peppers





Colors in Barcelona

When you are in a city for 10 days, you start craving color. Most of the buildings are made from concrete or stone, with some brick thrown in occasionally.  Gray is the predominant color spectrum and although the city is full of clothes stores, parks and “Ramblas”, it is still a city.

So I picked six photos that showed some of the color that I found while I was there:



This was the view out our living room window.  The mediterranean sky is such an amazing blue and I think it sets of the rust and yellow building quite well.



Gaudi loved mosaics and he loved ceilings…to him it made sense to put the two together.  This picture was taken looking straight up at the ceiling in the market place at the unfinished Park Guell.


Primary Colors

Tagging is truly an art form and there is plenty of it in Barcelona.  Some think it is ugly and a scourge, I am not so sure, especially when the alternative is to look at bare concrete.



Another example of graffiti, perhaps because of tagging, spray paint manufacturers are coming out with more and more vibrant colors.


Warm and cool

A knitting store with some serious spotlights makes for a treasure trove of colors.  I wanted to buy them all and I don’t even knit!



The inverted stained glass dome at the Palau de Musica is an amazing piece of art, and the light stays on while the concert is happening…every so often I would just look up and smile.  “Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.”


Yellow light

This is one of the many stained glass windows in La Sagrada Familia.  It casts such a lovely warm light and made me feel so welcome in the vastness of the church.