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Photography class

I am taking an online photography class with the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NYC. Photography  has always been a wonderful outlet for me, it provides me with a serenity that I don’t see in the rest of my life. When I’m behind the camera, time stops. No that’s not right, it doesn’t stop, it just doesn’t matter.

However, I have always had a difficult time learning about f-stops and ISO and all of that technical stuff. The mechanics of a camera remain a mystery to me…they make absolutely no sense to my brain. For some reason, though, during my trip to Namibia, something started to creep through the fog and I started to figure out a way to understand it. This class is cementing that understanding and I feel like I have stepped into a new area of my photographic life. I hope that photography will always be a part of my creativity.

Here are the eight pictures I chose for our first assignment. It was a basic assignment, taking pictures with various shutter speeds and apertures, at various times of the day and of various subjects. We have not gotten to the post production editing section of the course but I am pretty pleased with how these came out without even changing anything.

Click on an image to start a slide show…Enjoy!

Just pictures

I am off to Africa tomorrow and I thought I would write one last blog post. Well, actually I won’t write much because I thought I would give you guys a break from the intensity of life. So I am just posting some pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

I spent a great day wandering around scrapyards with the photographer Alyssha Csuk. She specializes in abstract photography, and has a passion for rust. These pix came from that experience.


This was the morning sun coming into the studio.


And here is the latest on the river of rocks project…


And you can’t have a truly successful stress-free post without a picture of Ginger and Lucy waiting for their Sunday pancakes…


I’m off to Africa tomorrow evening…stay tuned for lots of photos of my trip!!!



I am busy trying to forge my way through each day in the best way I can. I am busy watching spring come…slowly. I am busy digging in the dirt outside and planting seeds inside and putting grow lights on top and watering them and watching them sprout and grow and thinking of the beans and peas and tomatoes and flowers that will be adorning my garden in just a few weeks.

I am busy handing out rack cards for my Open Studio and finding creative ways of getting the word out so that it will be a busy weekend on May 21 and 22.

I am busy making sure that my intern has plenty of work to do in the studio. This means I am busy working on two new pieces that are both pods of some sort and will have interesting seeds inside. Here is what one of them looks like. I’m too busy to explain it. You will just have to come back and see it when it is finished. See all those pieces that have been cut and sanded? That is what my intern has been busy preparing so that I can be busy welding them on to the form.


I am busy applying for shows. Busy applying with work that is really still just in my head so I have to find ways to describe it, draw it and explain my meaning, my raison d’être. I am grateful for the ease of applying online, yet I know that it really doesn’t cut down the time because every application has different criteria (72 dpi with file size no larger than…) and each gallery or art center uses a different application program. I am busy making usernames and passwords and signing up for all these programs that are supposed to make my life faster, speedier, less busy.

I am busy with the animals; cats who get into fights with the barn cat next door who wander onto our property with alarming frequency. Busy with cleaning wounds and monitoring abscesses and trying to run off the neighbor cats before there is a fight. Busy with dogs who don’t seem to understand the invisible fence anymore and whose passion for goat by-products entice them to go visiting the neighbor’s barns. (Yes, the same neighbors that send their cats over here.)

Yes, spring is a busy time. I’m okay with that.


the sun…it doth shine

This has been a particularly foggy week. Both literally and figuratively. A warm trend for December, making it possible to drive convertibles with the top down, go golfing (both accomplished by my husband…he is happy now) and walk with out shivering. Not typical December weather but, quite frankly, I don’t know what is. What this leads to, of course, is dense fog, both at night and in the morning.

musk ox? what musk ox?
giraffe looks a little fuzzy
even foggy at night

My brain, ever the willing conspirator, went foggy as well. It was a long but happy weekend, lots of people came to my open studio, some I knew and others I met for the first time. People wandered around the grounds, saw the sculptures, ate chocolate chip cookies and asked tons of questions. (The most often asked was “how did you get into this welding thing?”)

Fortunately the fog stayed away, the sun shone and everything was really great. Even the dogs behaved themselves, greeting visitors and making sure that everything was okay.

Ginger, making sure that nobody misbehaved.

Unfortunately, the weekend did not end on a great note. Sunday night, while in the process of getting the signs that I had put out on the street corners to guide people to my studio, I managed to misstep and fall face first into the road. Fortunately, there were no cars to run me over. Unfortunately, I had to drive myself back home while bleeding from abrasions on my face. Long story short, I am fine, other than some cuts and swelling on my upper lip (exacerbated by my braces), a small knee abrasion and a hurt hand that has healed nicely. (I returned to welding yesterday). My dignity and self-confidence were maimed, however, and I have been hiding out and healing physically, mentally and emotionally for the past couple of days. I only emerged from the house occasionally to take pictures of fog and get the studio back in working condition. Here is Ginger who is modeling my preferred position since Sunday night.


Tonight I can confidently say that the sun is back out in my brain. My body has kindly worked hard on healing itself and I can now eat without pain. That is always a bonus. Tomorrow is another day and I am looking forward to it. The sun will shine, the Christmas tree will be picked out and brought home and I will go for a long walk with a friend in the warm weather that is reminiscent of May, not December. Life is good.

just some stuff

A very quick post, mostly just pictures from around the place. I don’t have time to add eloquently philosophical words much less throw the pictures into Photoshop so you will just have to look at the blurry, overexposed pictures and read the captions…enjoy!

sneak peek at the latest sculpture
sneak peek at the latest sculpture
A cool spider on one of the chairs
A cool spider on one of the chairs
the garden from above…yup, we’ve had LOTS of rain!
Lucy desperately wanting me to throw the frisbee, Ginger just wanting attention.
Lucy desperately wanting me to throw the frisbee, Ginger just wanting attention.
Hooray!!! The butterfly weed is growing by leaps and bounds in the field! I have even seen several butterflies including on...wait for it...MONARCH!
Hooray!!! The butterfly weed is growing by leaps and bounds in the field! I have even seen several butterflies including one…wait for it…MONARCH!

come sledding with me

I was having dinner last night with my friend Melinda and talking about the upcoming snowstorm scheduled to hit today. I was excited to have one more chance to go sledding and she said I ought to take a video of my sledding so that you all could enjoy it with me.

So I did.

Lucy, Ginger and I invite you to come on an adventure with us…please note, I have no steering capabilities nor do I have anything resembling a brake…just me, the inner tube, the snow, the hill and whatever happens, happens…

Are you ready???