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random thoughts

I have had thoughts floating through my brain this week. Thoughts on everything from my dad to politics to what is going on in the studio. Here’s a sample.

  • My dad turns 95 on the 17th of this month. That is really old. He’s been old ever since I can remember (he was 41 when I was born) but now he’s REALLY old. And he is so excited about his birthday. He is planning a little party for lunch. I will be there with my brother. Some times in the last few years I have grumbled and complained about my dad and having to deal with him. But for this moment, I am grateful that I will have one more fun memory of him.
  • Speaking of my dad, (not to totally take away the good feelings of the previous thought) but a certain presidential candidate reminds me of him a bit. My dad would have made a terrible president.
  • Speaking of a presidential candidate, it may be true that he has a personality disorder. But mental illness is NOT a reason for not being president. Look at Lincoln. I will leave it up to you to determine what the differences are between them.
  • Why do I feel the need to dress up and look my best when I go buy a car today?
  • Making paper is fun, messy and time consuming.
  • Rust and hand made paper…an interesting combination. The jury is still out as to whether I will continue this interesting idea or put it aside for the moment. Stay tuned.
  • Curving a 15 foot 1 1/2″ diameter pipe into a circle requires two people. Thank you husband-o’-mine…
  • Previously mentioned pipe is the start of a new piece. If all goes according to plan (and I don’t expect that it will) there will be a very large bowl on the property in the future.
  • I am feeling really sad about the devastation of a local town here in Maryland due to a flash flood. I spent seven years working and playing in Historic Ellicott City. It breaks my heart to see how many buildings and lives were ruined in the course of a short amount of time. Disasters like this happen everyday but it is different when you know some of the main players.
  • Young, male car salesmen should not tell middle-aged women “You’ll get used to it” when explaining the new safety technology of a car.
  • And finally, I think I will not start autumn squashes indoors next year. This year I will be harvesting pumpkins in August. Guess I will have to buy pumpkins at Halloween. Sigh.IMG_2414

chaos and peace

The winds are howling, the rain is slamming against the windows and the big boy (and girl) Republicans are shouting at each other and at whoever is listening (like my husband). It’s a night to stay inside and upstairs…away from the TV. I just downloaded a bunch of stuff from my iPhone and realized that I have a rather nice collection of photos to share with you, they seem to all have something to do with metal and rust.

When we were driving back from Key West to Ft. Lauderdale, we were brought to a complete halt on the seven mile bridge because of an accident. I had just been thinking that I wanted to take a picture of the old bridge which runs parallel to the new bridge. I got my wish although I am sure that the people who were in the accident and all the others who had to wait for it to be cleared up were not as happy.

9 mile bridge 9 mile bridge

A few days later I was out having lunch and there was construction near to the restaurant. I had to take a minute to enjoy the movement of this crane picking up and putting down a very large piece of concrete. It was graceful and fast! I am always amazed at the talent of someone who can sit in a booth way up in the sky and manipulate the large beast in such a delicate and graceful way.


(BTW, I can hear the TV downstairs, I think that at least 5 of the candidates are all trying to talk at once. Makes for a really civilized debate doesn’t it?)

This next picture is of a barn that I pass with some regularity, and I always wish I would take the time to stop and take a picture. Well, next time I go on this road I will take the good camera but here is the iPhone version.

rusty barn

Izzy decided to get up onto the kangaroo. And, oh by the way, if you want to see another few pictures from the camera club, check out Earl’s photos on Flicker. He catches the sculptures from some very interesting positions!


Before the camera club came I cleaned up in the studio just a bit…these are some of the rust paintings that were rolled up into scrolls.


And because there is somewhat of a metal/rust theme going on here, I will finish with some rust on one of the sheets of steel in the studio.


working on the giraffe

It was one of those gorgeous late fall days that kinda resembles an early fall day except with less leaves on the trees. The kind of day when a cat climbs on the giraffe you are trying to repair and you absolutely have to stop and pull out the iPhone, wishing you had time to go in and get your “real” camera but knowing if you do, the cat may just decide to go visit the neighbors while you are gone so you decide to take whatever picture you can get. The type of day where lying on the grass doesn’t happen until after 11a.m. but then it is imperative to lay down and look at the sky, except there is a giraffe in the way so you have to take a picture of that too because, quite frankly, how often have you had a chance to lay on the ground and look up at the under side of a giraffe, even if it is steel. There is a good possibility that it will happen again but perhaps not soon as it is, after all, late fall and frost and snow are not that far away. And you look forward to tomorrow when the generator might work a little better because the mechanical wizard came home from playing golf and has worked his magic on it and also reminded you that the little welder, which you haven’t touched in years, has a dial for regulating the gas which you seem to have forgotten because you are, well, forgetful and old(er) and impatient. But for now you are content to just lie in the grass and contemplate a cat and the underside of a giraffe.

hi mom
hi mom
I'm upside down!
I’m upside down!
Can I get in?
Can I get in?
max and his giraffe
max and his giraffe
from below
from below
the front
the front

half and half

Directions for taking pictures of a perfect double rainbow.

1. Notice the strange yellow sunset light outside and stop everything to go see it.

2. Be amazed at the sight of the end of the rainbow…run down the hill to see the rest of it.

3. Notice that it’s not one but two rainbows.

4. Remember to take your camera or cellphone EVERYWHERE just in case you might come across a double rainbow.

5. If you don’t have a picture taking device, stand and take in with awe the splendor in front of you. Note the dark blue gray stripe in between the two rainbows and the extra pink stripe underneath the bottom one.It helps to scream “Hey everyone…there’s an AWESOME double rainbow” knowing that most of your neighbors are inside, don’t care or are mowing their lawn and can’t hear you.

6. Run inside for your iPhone, trying not to fall over the dog. Take sock away from dog on your way back outside.

7. When buying cellphone, make sure you know all the picture taking capabilities.  Try not to learn how to take a panoramic shot as the rainbow is slowly disappearing into the clouds.

8. Take two pictures of rainbow, one of each end. Try to take them so you can paste them together later in photoshop. Fail miserably.

9. Be grateful for the opportunity to witness this wonder of nature and yell “Thank you” to the skies.

10. Post each picture on your blog so others might have a glimpse of the moment…sans the second rainbow which had disappeared by the time you had gotten back outside.

left side
left side
right side
right side

geese and hawks

The other day I was outside and heard geese flying. I decided to take a picture of them. Can you see them?


Thought not, I couldn’t either. but I could hear them clearly. They literally flew over my head.

As I was walking to my studio, I heard the water rushing in the stream at the bottom of the hill. Went down and took this picture of the pasture behind our land.

can't see much
can’t see much

Yup, it was reallllllly foggy that day. I watched the stream for a while. On my way back to the studio, I heard a hawk. Once more, I got out my iPhone and snapped a picture.  Can you see it?


Thought not. But it was there. Promise.




Story of a Trip

Chapter 7: Creepy

You know how the screen on your phone sometimes gets smudges? I am constantly wiping off fingerprints and flecks of food from my screen. I can tell when I’ve been playing WhirlyWord (yeah, I’m addicted) or when I’ve been reading a book. Smudges tell a lot about what I’ve been doing on my phone. So will someone please tell me what (or who) the hell this smudge is?

Hello? anyone there?
Hello? anyone there?

BTW, it is very difficult to take pictures of a reflective surface with overhead lighting. But I didn’t want to take the chance of losing this wonderful face. And I rotated the picture so you could see the face right side up…awkward but useful.