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I am busy trying to forge my way through each day in the best way I can. I am busy watching spring come…slowly. I am busy digging in the dirt outside and planting seeds inside and putting grow lights on top and watering them and watching them sprout and grow and thinking of the beans and peas and tomatoes and flowers that will be adorning my garden in just a few weeks.

I am busy handing out rack cards for my Open Studio and finding creative ways of getting the word out so that it will be a busy weekend on May 21 and 22.

I am busy making sure that my intern has plenty of work to do in the studio. This means I am busy working on two new pieces that are both pods of some sort and will have interesting seeds inside. Here is what one of them looks like. I’m too busy to explain it. You will just have to come back and see it when it is finished. See all those pieces that have been cut and sanded? That is what my intern has been busy preparing so that I can be busy welding them on to the form.


I am busy applying for shows. Busy applying with work that is really still just in my head so I have to find ways to describe it, draw it and explain my meaning, my raison d’être. I am grateful for the ease of applying online, yet I know that it really doesn’t cut down the time because every application has different criteria (72 dpi with file size no larger than…) and each gallery or art center uses a different application program. I am busy making usernames and passwords and signing up for all these programs that are supposed to make my life faster, speedier, less busy.

I am busy with the animals; cats who get into fights with the barn cat next door who wander onto our property with alarming frequency. Busy with cleaning wounds and monitoring abscesses and trying to run off the neighbor cats before there is a fight. Busy with dogs who don’t seem to understand the invisible fence anymore and whose passion for goat by-products entice them to go visiting the neighbor’s barns. (Yes, the same neighbors that send their cats over here.)

Yes, spring is a busy time. I’m okay with that.


The second flowers

The little yellow flowers

push their way through

the pile of

ground up

autumn leaves

that were spread

over the garden

when it was put to sleep

a mere five months ago

and whisper,

the time has come

to begin

the fun.

Unfurl the petals

and soak up

the sun.

Then they sigh with pleasure,

Spring is here

it really is.


Of course the crocuses are going to have to take one more little rest, it is supposed to snow on Friday. But I’m okay with that because crocuses don’t lie. Spring is here and I am enjoying finding all the little hints of growth and renewal.

Oh, and the reason I called this post the second flowers is because the witch hazel bloomed first.

five days

It was a mere

five days

that made the


the snow
the snow
the melt
the melt

Five days of 50 degree weather takes 10+ inches of snow and ice and pulls them into the stream. It is so loud I can hear it from the house. Needless to say the sledding is over, but I’m okay with that, I am enjoying walking normally without slipping and sliding. The ground is super wet and squishy, it squelches as I walk on it and the dogs have no problems bringing it in the house. The sun feels oh so good and I am happy hearing the birds do their spring thing. Yesterday I planted some seeds in indoor/outdoor planter boxes that I made with my niece and the smell of the dirt was so very lovely. I can almost taste the lettuce and beans already…


The fog outside

matches that

in my brain.

It is a day

when clarity is


and one long nap

seems imperative.

A day to

hear the phone ring

in the distance

and pull the covers

over my head

to block out

the sound.

A day to

wear the wrong shoes

and tromp in the snow

to take pictures

of the hopes

and tears

of spring.

through the fog
through the fog
barely there
barely there
in the rain
in the rain
a glimpse of colors to come
a glimpse of colors to come

don’t mock me

The mockingbird

eats the last

of the berries

after a

long long

(excruciatingly long)






Then he sings

a little bit

but I know

he’s saying


is not far away.

the buffet bush is almost empty
the buffet bush is almost empty


It started with the birds chirping and chattering excitedly but I couldn’t quite understand them. Then the news was taken up by the wind as it whistled through the trees. The butterfly, newly emerged, caught the gist of the message and went off to tell the grasshopper who told the spider. The spider didn’t tell anyone, having other things to take care of but the flies and bees overheard and spread the word. As I walked to the studio that morning I finally realized what they were all saying…the ants had done their job and created an explosion in the garden. A riot of odiferous pink flowers bowed to greet me and nodded in approval of the day. The Siberian Iris looked on in adoration. The Clematis, torn asunder by the freezing temperatures cried silently as it remembered past years of glory and perfume.

nodding in approval
nodding in approval
line of pink
line of pink
can ants smell?
can ants smell?