Studio Tour

Yes, it’s time for another studio tour. Next weekend (the 2nd and 3rd of December) I and a bunch of my fellow artists in Carroll County MD will be opening up our studios to the public from 10 to 5. There are several ways to get information about this event.

First, you can go to facebook: and RSVP to our event.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.37.12 PM

For more information on the event itself and a map of all the participants on the tour, go to our website:

And as always, you can contact me at to get more info…

I hope that you will come out and see me, it is supposed to be a lovely weekend (although the weather may change, one never knows). If I am on your list of places to go, you might want to get here before 4, it starts to get dark then and will be more difficult to see the outdoor sculptures.

Here’s the latest picture of the heron… I have done even more on it (it has wings!) so now is a good time to see it before it is finished and installed at Piney Run Park! these pix were taken as Wade drilled the hole in the piling where the heron will be bolted in. His boss Brad is watching…they have been real troopers on this project.


See you this weekend!!!






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