proof positive

A flash of color

catches my eye

orange and black on lavender.

Could this be it,

could it really be?


take a picture

with my iPhone

before it flies away

shyness oozing from its wings.

The picture emerges



but proof positive 

that there in front of me

in living technicolor

is a Monarch Butterfly

see, I told you so!
see, I told you so!

For those of you who haven’t been following my blog, you will want to know that I planted a bunch of milkweed in the spring around my property in the hopes of luring more Monarchs to make their homes away from homes here. I have been holding my breath to see if any show up so imagine my excitement (and my relief at being able to breathe again) when I saw one this afternoon. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone and not my better camera so the picture is not great but still…

It has actually been a terrible year for butterflies in general here on my property in MD. Swallowtails, in abundance last year, are few and far between. Even the little guys are short on numbers. It is very sad when there is a dip in the populations of some of my favorite insects. I can only hope that it is temporary.



7 thoughts on “proof positive

  1. So happy you finally got your first Monarch! We’ve had quite a lot this year (near NYC) fortunately so hopefully this means you’ll get a lot too?

    1. I’m glad to hear you’ve been seeing them in the city. They say that monarchs are actually proliferating in the city since there are no chemicals being sprayed on their habitat. A friend of mine has seen several Monarchs at her house which is only 15 minutes away (by car, not if you are a butterfly) so I know they are around.

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