This is my


this path by the river,

where the birds are my choir

and the




and two very wet

golden retrievers

are my


wet and happy
wet and happy


Taken at the Daniel’s area of the Patapsco River State Park in Maryland. This is my favorite walk by the river, no sounds of civilization except for the occasional freight train across the water and plenty of places for a golden retriever to get into trouble. It has a very spiritual vibe to it and I always feel regenerated (and happily tired) when I leave it.

10 thoughts on “church

    1. The dogs were thrilled, they haven’t been back to that trail in years and were very surprised. I am going to have to start going regularly again.

    1. yup, the scent of Eau de wet dawg…very familiar with it. Along with the river bottom being transported to my kitchen floor. Guess I forgot to rinse off the dogs before I got in the door. Oh well. That’s what husbands are for right?

      1. Hahaahah yep sure is 🙂 we get dam sludge…a divine smell and also a solid 🙂 but you are right ..I have always said nature is my religion..channeling my inner witch 🙂 add a dog a cat some sheep an my church is juuuust fine 🙂 xx

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